My Yellowstone 2013 Adventure (The Best Summer Ever!) and My Plans to Return!


Summer 2013 was the best summer ever! I spent four amazing months living and working in the park! I made some amazing friends from all over the world and had a blast exploring some amazing places. I missed it so much, that I decided I am going to return next summer! Summer 2019 can’t arrive quick enough. For now, enjoy a bunch of photos of my Summer 2013 Yellowstone Adventure!

What place do you love to return to year after year?


Living With Your Parents As An Adult


I am twenty-five and I still live with my parents. I love my parents to death but it’s not always easy. Some days I feel like I am encroaching on their private time or inconveniencing them. They insist I don’t but sometimes I know I do. Here is what I do to make living with my parents as an adult easier:

  1. I do chores. Yes! I still do chores and I have certain ones that I am still assigned just like when I was a kid. Why should I not do chores if I live in the house? Dishes still need to be done. The dog hair still needs to be vacuumed out of the carpet. It doesn’t take that much to do a chore if you do it regularly.
  2. I cook meals for them. I do work some nights so I don’t always get to do this but I like to try to cook at least one meal a week. Why should the burden be put on my mom to make sure I am fed?
  3. I contribute to the groceries. I buy groceries too! I’ll ask what my parents want and go on my own shopping trip. I’ll even purchase little treats for them just to make them smile.
  4. I keep my room and bathroom clean. It’s really disrespectful to keep your room a mess when your parents are letting you live at home as an adult. Keep things tidy! It’s better for your health anyway.
  5. I pay bills. This is something that has been a challenge for my parents. They want to keep paying things for me but I’ve been slowly been convincing them that I should pay my own bills. It takes a burden off them to have to pay for stuff for you.
  6. I listen to my parents. My parents are older and wiser than me so I take the time to listen to them. They know what is best for me. I don’t always follow their advice but I listen and consider it.
  7. I respect their authority. This one is important! I still say yes M’am and yes Sir. I follow their rules. I don’t have a curfew but I let them know where I am and I don’t stay out until ungodly hours of the night. I don’t speak rudely to them even when I’m upset with them. If I bring a guy home, he stays downstairs where my parents are. Sometimes it’s the little things that matter when it comes to respecting your parents!

I am so fortunate that my parents allow me to live at home still. I am very thankful for them and what they have provided for me. That’s why I respect them! It makes living with them so much easier and enjoyable!

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Hello and welcome to my blog! I’ve started quite a few blogs but they never went very far. I recently went through a major breakup (a four-year relationship) and decided it was time to change things. I had strayed away from God for a few years and I want to get back to Him. This blog is documenting my journey back to God and it’s all about being a Christian Millennial. I hope you stick around and enjoy my blog as I get it up and running!