What I’m Watching On Netflix


Netflix is great! I can spend hours watching Netflix. I love how I can add Netflix to all of my devices so I can watch it whenever I want. Today, I wanted to share with you what is on my Netflix watch list. Some I’ve seen tons of times and some I’ve never seen before.

  • Moana– Moana is my favorite Disney princess. I relate to her on so many levels! It’s a great movie and it has a great soundtrack.
  • Shrek- Shrek was one of my favorite moves as a kid so of course, I have to watch it again now that it is on Netflix!
  • That 70s Show– This show was airing when I was preteen and teen so of course, I watched it. I loved the hilarious adventures of Eric Foreman and his gang of friends. I’ve seen every single episode at least three times but it will never get old!
  • The Breakfast Club– I have this movie on VHS but it’s also on Netflix! This is a classic movie that I will always love.
  • The Magic School Bus- I still remember the days when my teacher would wheel the tv and VCR in on a rickety cart and let us watch whatever episode related to whatever science unit we were studying at the time. This is totally a 90s childhood throwback!
  • Heathers- If you’ve started to notice, I love 80s movies! Heathers is pretty dark but it’s fun and will keep you interested the entire movie.
  • P.S., I Love You- I first saw this movie in theaters when I was a teen and I cried the entire movie. It’s such a sweet and heartwarming movie. It has it’s funny moments too!
  • Pearl Harbor- I love this movie! It’s heartwarming and also teaches you a bit about World War II and what happened at Pearl Harbor. I highly recommend if you haven’t seen it.
  • The Guernsey Literary & Potato Peel Society– I haven’t seen this yet but I’ve had several friends recommend it. I love historical fiction so this should be a great watch!
  • Hatfields & McCoys- I saw this when it came out on tv. My family watched it each night. We love history like this. It took place not too far from one of our favorite camping spots and where my parents are planning on retiring to. I highly recommend!
  • The Office– I didn’t watch this when it was on tv but I love it! I have a very dry sense of humor so The Office is perfect for me if I’m looking for a good laugh.
  • Mulan- My brother and I loved Mulan growing up. Nothing is better than a strong girl who just wants to save her family and make them proud!

What is your watch list on Netflix?


13 thoughts on “What I’m Watching On Netflix

    1. I’m an introvert too and I agree Netflix is good for when you are spending time alone. I often use it for background noise when I’m knitting or reading.


    1. Yes! The Office is my go to TV show. It never gets old! I love Moana because the theme of the movie is all about breaking out of your shell and doing what you were meant for. I’m in that point in my life where I am doing just that so I relate to the movie a lot!


  1. Loved this post! I’m ashamed to admit that I have never seen the Office! I think I need to add that to my list. My favorite shows to watch on Netflix are New Girl, Friends, Gilmore Girls and Parks and Rec!


  2. This list has a variety of movies. I actualy don’t have netflix and was actually thinking about getting it but was unsure if it is worth it. This is why I wanted to read your post, to see what you are watching and what it offers. Thank you.

    D, xo || from https://livedreamcreate-d.com


    1. It’s worth it! You pay no more than $11 a month depending on how many devices you want to use and you get unlimited movies and shows! I’ve had a Netflix for years. Thanks for stopping by!


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