Why I Won’t Follow Your Blog


Hello to my lovely readers! Today, I decided to share with you the reasons why I won’t follow a blog. I use Bloglovin’ to keep track of all the blogs I read and what I have listed below is what I look for when I’m looking for new blogs. Let me start by saying, nobody is perfect. Just because you do one or two of these things, doesn’t mean I won’t follow you. Some of these things I do. For me, it’s if a blogger does these things too much and just doesn’t care.

  • Poor grammar- Everyone makes mistakes but if you just don’t edit your blog and your grammar is always poor, I will notice and unfollow you. It’s not fun to read a blog if they don’t make an effort to go over what they wrote.
  • Using lowercase letters- This is something that really irritates me and I’ve noticed a lot of bloggers do it. I don’t know why but it seems to be a trend. For some reason, people like to not capitalize the first letter of a sentence or proper nouns. Please capitalize them! If you don’t, I probably won’t hit that follow button.
  • Bad design- Not everyone is a graphic designer. Not everyone can afford to purchase a fancy template. I get that. My issue is when I can’t read a blog because the layout or design is terrible. Fancy fonts and small lettering are popular but I can’t see what you wrote! If I can’t read it, then I’ll click off of your page.
  • Pictures- This is another one that gets to me. I like to see pictures! They don’t have to be your own. I use Pixabay for a lot of my photos. If you take your own photos, please edit them. Also, don’t use the same pictures several blogs posts in a row. When looking for pictures, try to make them somewhat connected to what you are writing about.
  • Don’t sound so scripted- This has been rampant as of late. Everything is a sales pitch and sounds so scripted these days. Try to be authentic. If you have something to sell or present to your readers, go ahead! Write like you are trying to convince your best friend to buy something.
  • Too many giveaways- I love giveaways. I never win but I do like to enter them occasionally. My problem is when there is one in every post. It makes my blog feed so spammy and not fun to read at all. I want content to read, not instructions on how to enter a giveaway that I probably won’t win.
  • Stop trying to sell an item in every post- This kind of goes with not sounding so scripted. Don’t try to sell an item in every post, especially if it has nothing to do with the post. It’s annoying. Mix it up. If someone is interested in the product you are selling, they will buy it. You don’t have to spam every post with a sales pitch. Put a link to your store in your sidebar. Most people look at the sidebar so they will click on the link if they are interested.
  • Post consistently– I am guilty of dropping off the face of the planet and I am planning on fixing that. I understand things happen and life gets in the way. Consistency is key. If you want the followers, I recommend you post at least once a week. I will be taking my own advice on this one.
  • Please interact with your readers- Try to comment back! If someone posts something irrelevant or something that doesn’t require a response, then that’s fine. Most comments are usually something that can be responded to. I love it when I comment on a blog and the blogger responds. It makes me want to return because I know the blogger cares about their followers and wants us to interact. It’s also a great way to make new friends!
  • Variety- This one is so important. I actually unfollowed some blogs today because of lack of variety. They just posted “Weekly link roundups” every Sunday and nothing else. Change it up! If you are a beauty blogger, don’t just post makeup hauls. Post a tutorial on how to contour. Then, post a recipe for homemade hair masks. Don’t do the same thing every week. This is also something I am going to strive to do. I want variety on my blog because it gets boring otherwise.
  • Commenting “Follow for follow?”- This one grinds my gears. I get this on my Instagram a lot. No, I will not do a follow for follow. If you want me to follow you, first follow me. Then comment something relevant to the post. If I like your comment I’ll check your page out. Just asking me to check it out is not going spark my interest.

These are things that make me not want to follow a blog. Like I said, nobody is perfect. Not even me! It’s more about consistency. What are some things that chase you away from a blog? What do you look for when you want to find new content to read?


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