My Bucket List


Good morning to my lovely readers! If you are new here, welcome! I thought it would be fun to share my current bucket list. I’ve already crossed a few things off of my bucket list (like backpacking in the Yellowstone backcountry) but there is still a list! Some of these things will be crossed off soon and some may be years before I get to them.

  • See the northern lights from the glass igloos at the Kakslauttanen Arctic Resort in Finland.
  • Stay in a capsule hotel in Tokyo and immerse myself in Japanese culture.
  • Find a career in the shipping industry and actually put my degree in International Business to use.
  • Backpack around Europe and experience the culture of each country I visit.
  • Visit Germany and learn about the country of my heritage.
  • Visit my friends in Krakow, Poland and take a historical walk around the city.
  • Visit every single national park in the United States (So far, I’ve been to Yellowstone, Glacier, Shenandoah, and the Great Smoky Mountains).
  • Drive Historic Route 66.
  • Write and publish several novels.
  • Attend a show on Broadway.
  • Be a spectator at the Olympics.
  • Eventually, work from home.
  • Have my picture taken being kissed by the man I love in front of the Eiffel Tower (cheesy, I know).

This is a just a base list and I’m always adding more things to do! What are some things on your bucket list?


Life Update: Turning 26, A New Relationship, And Changing Careers


Wow! I didn’t mean for an entire month to get away from me! Life has just been so busy and things have changed so much! I wanted to just update my readers on what is going on in this post. Tomorrow, I’ll return with regular lifestyle content.

First, I turned 26! I don’t feel 26. I still feel like an 18-year-old teenager. Do you ever truly feel grown up even when you adult really well? Maybe I will when I turn 30. I guess I’ll find out.

The next thing I wanted to share is that I am now in a relationship! I’m not changing my status from single to taken yet because it’s still a new relationship but it’s exciting! I made a profile on a dating website and this guy contacted me. It was not the kind of guy I’d go for but something told me to give him a chance. It’s been great! We connected so well and things seem really promising. We are taking things slow (mainly because he is in the Navy and has kids so he’s super busy) but it’s been so much fun. We really enjoy each others’ company. Just a side note: I probably won’t talk much about him on the blog because he’s a private person and has to be careful about what he reveals about himself because of the nature of his job. When I do mention him, I’ll refer to him as “A.”

I am making a career change! I’ve been working retail for the last eight years and I finally had enough. I quit my job and registered at a temp agency. I’m going to be doing general clerical work to build my office skills and hopefully find a permanent career as an administrative assistant. It feels so good to finally be out of retail and to be trying something new.

Finally, I wanted to share with you my plans for this blog. I really want to try and post at least once a week. It’s a rainy day today so I am going to work on an editorial calendar and some posts. I’m hoping to have a plan in place today! As you know, this blog is geared toward my demographic, the Christian millennial. I’m looking forward to sharing my thoughts and ideas with you in the coming months!

Is there anything you would like to see me write about on this blog?